Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Ocean found its Mountain

billions of droplets of ocean water
.... an scene worth words paint

here's a message for the faithful...

you want a good place to settle in!!!
condense your water like nature
in supreme bodhi aspiration
white clouds piling up ~*~

Swiftly the changing seasons will pass by,
Tranquil, undefiled, no earthly ties,
white clouds
sky is blue

& on what does
One rely?

True Nature

Water flows...

clouds can travel far!!!
endlessly carrying the Ocean,
back to the mountain
from where originally sprang first
as creek water, then river water
then Ocean... ahhhhhhh
a breeze blows !!!

rain is inspiration...
dropping everything
the cloud dissipates!!!

but wait....
just observe deeper

evaporation is not really taking place
is just the watering of Herself
sacred tears falling down
Jai Jai Mother Kali
here we go

... rising up one more time
to the heavens....
& up

As for me
human-hearth droplet
here in the wilderness
circumambulating this Holy Mountain
With my friends, the white clouds
idling forever.

Art By Robert Venosa

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