Saturday, September 15, 2007

On Sobeth & the Way of the White Clouds

Sun Wun Kong was born a monkey king!!!
believe he told me he was a king...
i only though of him as a bird... not really a super light being,
however it turned out to be that this sort of
kind bird ~.~ was neither an ordinary human being,
nor just a monkey king,

well what then???


neither black nor white


what else could it be?


& then one night it happenned..
this hard knot called tought
cracked it...,


silence is the best cure...

truth is do not mind him
in reality there is
actually nothing,
nothing, yep yep
no one is there...

neither a monkey king,
nor a golden palm to pee on..

well perhaps there is just
1 golden being
fully aware of the interplay
between shadows &
lighted holloware...!!!!

how easy or how
difficult to embrace
who knows
thus is

yey maracooyey
it is how it is...

psss psss,psss

heart to heart

never hide
the inner_heart

being the flame the boat, and the captain ???
Who can do it day and night...,
being a lighthouse
while sleeping, walking... talking..

psss it gets better ...
absolute ultimate reality is taking place
right here right now...,
is just the immediate moment

only burning fire


what then my Beloved?...

Unconditionally Loving

just breathe, if you feel like it pray
for sure there is fire to burn
and wood to gather,

brew a cup of clear Tea,
and sit, rest within, WITHIN
no more triping, sit, sit

what then... if you're really up to it,
it gets simpler and simpler
evaporation arises...

all it had to be
done is done
forever free

bye bye... ohh... ohpsiee
SUN WUN KONG finally got it!!!

the well is there
just quite deep...

what then yikesss,
no more fear
no birth no death

just falling falling into groundlesness
flying far away, yet so close
zas... ^ empty heart,
back home as in an instant
ether is fire is also smoke, earth and water ...
HU HU HU ah... akasha hum....
just like this... a sky,
where all spirits can live and dance
Just like this...

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