Friday, January 19, 2007

Unbroken Wholeness in Flowing Movement


These are they who are conscious of the much falsehood in the world, they have grow in the house of Truth, they are the strong and invicible sons of Infinity.

In a cloudless night sky, a full moon shines...
rising is the Deathless Star, beckoning full attention
to awakening

Dense is the veil of illusion which drapes the formless spirit.

The ancient dweller will not live on this world any longer
only in perfect absorption : - ) RIGPA, intangible awareness ever present... silent, joyful, humble.
Recognizing the infinite appereances for what they Truly are: a dream, nothing but projections of the mind..!

This doctrines and concepts which are assembled here are not my own, they come from the mists of time and the wisdom of forgotten kalpas, please do not believe in them mereley because they were handed down from antiquity or because wise men write about them; use Mind_to witness_No Mind. Seeing no mind, have compassion.

Alas!! Truth is the limitless horizon.

I am an ageless child born again into this world of strife
timeless are my days , for in my youth there is no bitterness
in life.

While my days pass like moments in this beautiful dream
lives past like days and enchant my heart with sweet songs of eternity

I am an ageless child who has lived before and died as many times
I have grown no less in death
A GODCHILD am I, for my spirit runs naked in the heavens
and enchants all men´s hearts with songs of eternity

-- excerpt taken from Yogi Ramsuratkumar´s biography--


i go to gather this sacred knowledge,
here and there dispersed about the world,
long lost or never found
¿why? ever make man´s good distinct from God´s
or finding thy_are One, why dare mistrust?
Mine is no mad attempt to build a world apart
from His.

Taken from Paracelsus, by Robert Browning

Dedicated to the infinite White Family of Light,Unbroken Wholeness.


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