Sunday, December 03, 2006

Organic Consciousness

"So you wonder who you are
can't accept anymore what you've been told
then take all those questions to your noble heart
& let the mystery unfold¨

When you walk on through the fear
you see the truth has been always here
and it will never fade away"

Evolving on planet earth clearly indicates the presence of a self-ordered consciousness as well as a primordial awareness available to all,
wandering through existence in this infinite continum without beginning or end, free from attachment or aversion, just as it is.

Living on earth then begins to seem much more spiritual, mystical and intuitive experience. Upon realizing that ¨big problems in the world¨ often manifest as physical challenges, emotional and social problems… in a single material realm,
we may wisely gather the courage to wake up from the dream:

The ilusion of my soul, your soul, this or that,
all seems to disappear before the Reality of our Oneness,
of this organic journey!


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