Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Some of you think Zen is very difficult, very painful. But you think you should overcome this difficulty in order to get so-called"enlightenment." Language can only describe this condition, but Zen urges us to realize This - our True Nature - using this corporeal body and mind.
Now of course Zen is difficult; but it is also too easy. It is neither difficult nor easy....

The Meaning Of Namu Dai Bosa
from a public meeting at New York Zendo Shobo-Ji,
March 28, 1974, Free Version

There are many kinds of sutras, but all of them are condensed into this Namu Dai Bosa. And this is condensed into Mu;.

Everything is condensed into this Namu Dai Bosa. Not only the four-dimension world in which we human beings live- but also the five, six and endless dimension worlds are all condensed into this Namu Dai Bosa. This Untouchable, Unthinkable universal world is each one of us; not only each one of us, but each one of our cells.

Each such thing- no matter how small -is a sentient being. This is the meaning of Dai. The true meaning of Dai is absolute, in even the smallest thing there is this Dai. Bosa means "enlightened one."

Each of your cells is an enlightened one. Believe this! You are all such wonderful persons. This is true- a true fact. This is not Zen; not Buddhism; not religious talk. It is just a plain fact. Right here, now- this is Namu Dai Bosa. There is no need to think about endless dimension universal worlds. Just Namu Dai Bosa. Just Mu. Just breathing. Just counting. Nothing else.


So wonderful, this Endless Dimension Universal World! So wonderful. Even one leaf, one flower- nothing but this Endless Dimension Universal Being.

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