Wednesday, March 08, 2006


your very best friend
has become a dharma friend
a true renunciate of the world of men
universal light,
shinning wide, above and below
for the sake of all,
a perfected sunflower
dancing the symphony
of everlasting peace.

Watch your truthful heart friend
remember deeply ;
that as:
"the seed is so the fruit will be"
a humble whole being free!

Watch as the still infinite ocean
of Grace sits within you heart friend
sincerely and faithfully acknowledging
the magnificent spirit of the
enlightened ones, the nature of the Dharma
the excellent brotherhood and sisterhood,
marvelous three brilliant jewels.

Praying, working
diligently for peace
inner peace and outer peace
smiling to the sunrise,
being amazed by the moonbow
and not afraid of the flow
constantly aware of how wonderful and rare
this precious human life is
from moment to moment
carrying only one thought
til breathing ceases!
just watch!

Honoring the rising of universal love and
wisdom among all,
the duty is fulfilled with discernment
emanating infinite rays of compassion
rainbow thunderbolts might roar hard again
accomplishing nothing
free from obscurations
manifesting only its splendour
with no effort, full of joy!

As many as there were, are and will be
sentient beings to liberate
from ignorance and suffering
will Buddha nature exist,
compasionately enlightening the glorious path
of supreme freedom
without beginning without an end,
only until we all become Buddhas!
Buddha Nature pervades the whole universe

Beam of light
May the six sillabe mantra
be clearly seen by the eye
of your eyes knowing that:
beyond acceptance or rejection
living harmoniously, courageously and care free
for the sake of all, is life as it is
just so

Watch yourself become Buddha!
I'll meet U there


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