Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Raven for Peace! On Native American Mythology !

The Great Spirit called all his people together from all over the earth and the sky

The first animal to appear was a raven

I've been told to speak briefly about the Raven...

There is more to Raven than meets the eye. And how many of you have met the eye of a raven? They've always been associated with Godliness. Few people know that the first bird out of Noah's ark was a raven. It just didn't return.

It didn't feel the need.

Probably the most intelligent of birds,

the raven is central to the mythology of Pacific Northwest coast Native Americans

The Raven is credited with giving the light, fire, and water to the Indians

One of the most prominent figures of the Haida, Nootka, and Tsimshian Tribes, whose homeland is located in present-day British Columbia

To the Haida, Raven is the Bringer of Light!


There are nights when the moon shines so brightlyand everything is ever so quiet.

Then Odin rides through the forest.These are the raven nights.

When all the ravens are white and can speak, and everyone can understand them

From Sweden

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