Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Los Cinco Elementos

Langus Fortui China

Mamos, Mamas Mamos Mamas
luz transparente transparent light
sideral de amor love sidereal,
arcoiris de colores colourful rainbow
formas y sonidos of shapes and sounds

Gracias Por Ser! Thanks for Being!
In la Kesh
El esplendor de The splendorous Cosmic
la Verdad Cosmica truth is your lighthouse
es vuestro faro miraculous nature
naturaleza milagrosa the wise line may protect US
linea sabia Aluna Generating Force
Aluna fuerza generadora of the five elements
de los cinco elementos & and the tree worlds all are One
los tres mundos, Elder Brothers
Hermanos Mayores Guardians of Equilibrium
Hermanos Menores Younger Brothers
Guardianes del Equilibrio & Children of Disequilibrium
Desequilibradores Ying Yang Yang, Ying


The most practical religion is LOVE, La religion mas practica es el amor,
es la paz que podamos demostrarle a nuestro planeta
is PEACE. That, We all can show towards our planet

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